Untold European Stories

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Background and description
The motivation for our project is to increase awareness among teachers and students that we together are creating the future with stories and perspectives of today and about our past. Often dimensions of diversity are forgotten and many stories untold. For example, in history books few women and few migrants are presented even if they played a major role in development and change. We would also like to make discrimination of groups and individuals visible by different learning methods including both creative and digital methods. Our plan is to look at different perspectives throughout the project time, thus involving different teacher groups, and then investigate and conclude how different perspectives and subjects are linked to each other. We would like to empower students and teachers to find and address stories that motivates students with diverse backgrounds. We will also include different perspectives and different stories based upon the different involved countries.

In the project we will together with the pupils find and explore examples of migrants and women from the different countries who have done important things that are not very known for the public and the pupils. This is important for pupils since they can find motivation to for example higher studies, starting enterprises or becoming politically engaged. To make interesting for as many students as possible we will find persons from different fields; politics, science, art, entrepreneurship and literature. Throughout the project creative methods will be used in order to make learning more interesting and rewarding for pupils. All stories and working methods will be documented in the Virtual Book we see as the important tool for both cooperating within the project and to reach other teachers and schools. In our school, as well as in our region, a lower percentage of pupils continue to higher education. With this project we want to motivate students from different backgrounds to continue to study, we want to show good examples and make learning more interesting and motivating for students. With the current migrant situation in Europe we need show pupils from different backgrounds that there are possibilities for the future. All schools involved have students with migrant background.

The groups that will take part in the project activities are mainly students and teachers. Other school staff like head masters are likely to be involved to some extent. Locally we will collaborate with different organisations and institutions.
The students will be active participants and since we intend to improve interest in learning and analysing by creative methods and inclusive perspectives we need the students to make sure we are heading in the right direction. They are our target group. We will work with themes and prepare at our schools and an extra dimension will be added when we meet at the activities to discuss, experience, try out and evaluate. From each country a smaller number of students will be involved in the actual activity. The teachers need to implement and prepare the activities. They will also be responsible for the cooperation on local level. The age of the students involved are between 15-18 years old.


Sweden 4 - 8 Feb 2019
Czech 14 - 18 Oct 2019
Italy 25 - 29 Nov 2019 (teachers meeting)
Portugal 25 - 29 Oct 2021
Italy 11 - 15 Oct 2021
Sweden 15 - 18 Nov 2021 (teachers meeting)


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